Beyond Products, Giving Assurance

There are countless of Marine Lubricants Distributor in the world, but there is only one like Samoedera.

We are official distributor of marine oil products from Shell Marine Lubricants.

With guaranteed supply and quality, Samoedera guarantees the authenticity of the Shell Marine Lubricants products.


Our Focus


Speed is one of the key solutions that we offer. Precise delivery time with comprehensive stock points in various strategic locations, allow us to supply lubricants to every port in Indonesia in a timely manner.

By maintaining our record of ZERO MISS SUPPLY and ZERO ACCIDENT, time and safety is always our priority.


To reach every port in Indonesia with high efficiency, we have developed various stock points spread all across Indonesia.

And internationally we are supported by our network of trusted partners spread all over the globe.


We realize, admist the various challenges that our customers encounter, adaptability is a must.

To continually improve our long term relationship with customers, we strive to always innovate and perfecting our services to solve any challenges in the marine sector.


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